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Outreach is one of the most important positions we have here at MEANS. Our outreach interns and volunteers call emergency food systems and assumed locations to pitch MEANS. We’re looking for passionate individuals who are excited about MEANS and want to get other users signed on. Applicants must be comfortable talking on the phone.

Public Relations
Do all your friends tease you about how often you post on social media? Do you check your email way too often? Love reading the latest news on food waste and how to fix it? Then you should apply to be a public relations intern! You’ll assist our Director of Communications in curating content for our social media platforms and responding to customer inquiries. This position works best if you two can grab coffee and chat about your work sometimes, so PR applicants must be based in the DC area.

Developer/Computer Science Engineer
Are you a techie looking to make a difference? MEANS is looking for people to work on developing and programming for our website. In order to be a developer or computer science engineer, applicants must know Ruby on Rails and have some programming experience.

Data Analytics and Data Science
In the words of our co-founder and Executive Director Maria Rose, numbers are important. Our data analytics and data science team analyzes data collected by the outreach team. -Applicants must have experience with handling data and must have experience with Python.

Business Outreach

Business outreach volunteers and interns help us find and contact potential food donors around the United States. They work in conjunction with our Nonprofit Outreach team, finding donors in areas with clusters of MEANS member nonprofits. Applicants must be comfortable talking on the phone and communicating via email. 

We work with QuickBooks and will soon be working with Aplos. We are seeking interns or volunteers with some prior experience with accounting, especially one or both of these softwares. 

As a nonprofit, we're always on the hunt for more grants to apply for. We also need help writing grant proposals. Some experience preferred but not required. 

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